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Started 2010 with Jewish Family Services. We have had the privilege of serving 5 survivors.

Bernie Sayonne  - camp survivor of Auschwitz

                             - was 17 years old

                             - forced to work in the office of Josef Mengele, also known as 

                              "the angel of death"

                             - determined to stay alive so he could tell the story of the  

                               horrors of the Holocaust

                             - survived to tell the story to schools, universities, congregations,                community centers, TAJ, etc.

                             - in retirement, he served at a Jewish community center

                             - passed away at the ripe age of 94


Mark Olin            - camp survivor

                             - made it to the ripe age of 90's


Lori Siegle            - child survivor

                              - made it to the ripe age of  90's



Dan Shoham         - child survivor

               - his story is a real "Sound of Music"

- passed away in his 90's

                             - In the 1930s, as evil begins to envelope Europe, Karl Rothstein is born in Austria. As his life unfolds, he watches as Hitler's armies visit his kindergarten, order his family from their home, and arrest his father. During Kristallnacht - the night of broken glass - Karl witnesses events that will later be considered by historians to be a dress rehearsal for the Holocaust. Before World War II is over, Karl will lose his brother and grandparents, and spend years in hiding. This is the true story of one man's pilgrimage to freedom - a journey that began on the day he reported with his family to the train station, where they were to board the train to a concentration camp. Under the watchful eye of a guardian angel, Karl eventually made his way to Israel to grow up and joined the IDF. He changed his name to Dan Shoham. He eventually moved to U.S. where he was, at last, free to live his life openly as a Jew.  



Edie Klar               - child survivor

                             - in her 80's

                             - attached is her story

She was born in Vienna, Austria in 1937

Her parents fled to Belgium in 1938, was homeless for a while. Her father got caught by the Gestapo and was imprisoned for 15 months but managed to escape. They found an tiny apartment across a Gestapo barracks. They shared the room with 10 other people -survived on potato soup and bread. They lived in silence and darkness. At the age of 4, her parents took her to a convent - believing this was a safe haven for her.

It was a very distressing time for her - she did not understand the reason for the separation. Soon after her mother had a strong feeling she should pull her out of the convent - despite her father's objection. The next day, the Gestapo barged into the convent and took away 60 children and the nuns.

Edie and her family escaped to Brussels and lived in a tiny apartment, once again, in the proximity of a Gestapo location. In 1941, after Liberation, their neighbors hugged them celebrating their freedom and survival. Edie's family later found out that their neighbors knew they were Jews but did not report them to the Gestapo.

Edie and her family migrated to the States. Until recently, Edie has also made it her goal to share her story with the younger generations.

To date, she asks the question most survivors ask "why? where were You in the midst of this?"