When: 1st Sunday of the Month

Where: The Sanctuary

Why: To stand in the gap for our 
           people and our Motherland,
           the Philippines 

We declare:

  1. That our people will humble themselves, and pray, and seek Godís face and turn from their wicked ways.
  2. That the Lord will forgive us our sins and the sins of our forefathers 
  3. That the strongholds of idolatry ,corruption, violence, greed, immorality and oppression are demolished 
  4. That the leaders of our nation and our communities will govern with righteousness, justice, compassion and truth,
  5. That godly men and women will step up to key positions in the government and in society in 2010 with boldness and courage, without fear, trusting in the power and guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit,
  6. That there will be a spirit of unity and harmony among our people for the greater and the common good.
  7. That the spirit of complacency among believers is broken and replaced with a spirit of urgency to reach the lost
  8. That the Lord of the Harvest will use Filipino believers scattered around the world as his instruments to spread the Good News.
  9. That the blessed members of the Body of Christ will come to the aid of their struggling co-laborers in the field.
  10. That the huge gap between the wealthy and the poor will be bridged by the spirit of love, compassion and generosity,
  11. That our gifted men and women will be willing to share a portion of their time, talent and treasure to equip and encourage our fellowmen to develop livelihood skills and to tap our God-given natural resources.
  12. That the Philippines will be the gateway for the Good News to spread all over Asia and that this mandate will be confirmed with signs and wonders.
  13. That the spirit of patriotism and national pride will be rekindled in the hearts of all Filipinos Ė at home and abroad,
  14. That we will be a people who will see fit to leave behind a legacy of hope, integrity, prosperity, justice, national pride and unity for future generations.
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